A quick overview of the Russia-Ukraine conflict: the latest updates on day 658.

Scores of people were injured in a missile attack on Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The attack resulted in at least 45 injuries and damage to multiple buildings. According to Kyiv mayor Vitali Kitschko, debris from intercepted missiles fell in the eastern Dniprovskyi district, causing injuries to 45 individuals. Out of those, 18 people, including two children, had to be hospitalized, while 27 received immediate medical treatment. The attack also caused a fire in an apartment building, a private house, and several cars. Additionally, the windows of a children’s hospital were shattered, and the water supply system in the district was damaged by falling rocket debris.
US President Joe Biden issued a warning to Republicans, stating that their failure to provide additional military aid to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy would be a “Christmas gift” to Russia. Zelenskiy had met with top lawmakers in Washington, but their reception towards him was skeptical, especially from key Republican lawmakers. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, did not agree to support Biden’s request to provide Ukraine with $61.4 billion. Those opposing the aid package insisted on White House concessions on border security as a condition for a deal. In response, Biden announced an additional $200 million military aid package, emphasizing that Ukraine has made significant progress in the ongoing war with Russia. He reassured that both he and the American people will not abandon Ukraine.
Moscow closely monitored these developments. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, stated that the “tens of billions of dollars” already provided by Washington had not shifted the tide of the war, suggesting that additional money would have little impact.
A declassified US intelligence report revealed that the Ukraine war has resulted in 315,000 dead and injured Russian troops, which is nearly 90% of the personnel Russia had at the start of the conflict. Additionally, the report stated that Russia’s losses in personnel and armored vehicles to Ukraine’s military have set back their military modernization by 18 years.
On Tuesday morning, Ukraine’s largest mobile network operator, Kyivstar, experienced a major cyber-attack that temporarily disrupted its cellular and internet services. The attack also affected the air raid alert system in over 75 settlements in the Kyiv region, according to the regional military administration.
The newly appointed Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, expressed that Poland will demand the full mobilization of the free world to assist Ukraine. Tusk stated that he can no longer listen to politicians who claim to be tired of the situation in Ukraine.
According to a survey, Europeans generally have openness towards the idea of Ukraine joining the EU, despite the associated costs and risks. However, they are less enthusiastic about the EU’s potential enlargement to include Georgia and countries in the western Balkans.

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