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I found it perplexing that the headline in the Guardian print edition (19 December) stated “Apes recognise peers they haven’t seen for years”. Speaking for myself, I haven’t come across any apes since my visit to London zoo many decades ago. Furthermore, I highly doubt I would be able to recognize any of them. Do the apes in the zoo truly observe their visitors so closely?

– William Wallace

Liberal Democrat, House of Lords

While it is understandable that not every classical music performance in the UK for an entire year could be reviewed, I was taken aback by Andrew Clements’ omission of Scottish Opera’s Il Trittico from last spring (Bittersweet symphonies: UK classical music 2023 in review, 14 December). Each of the three productions was exceptional.

– Cliodhna Dempsey


“Truly outstanding piano recitals were few and far between,” claims Andrew Clements. It is possible that he overlooked Paul Lewis’s remarkable performances of Schubert Piano Sonatas. I had the privilege of attending three of these recitals, and they were deep, moving, and filled with fresh interpretations.

– Margaret Jacobi


Peter Bone has stated that 86.8% of the electorate did not want him to be removed from office (Report, 19 December). However, it is worth noting that 60% of the same electorate did not want him as their MP in the first place.

– Robin Sutton

Bualadubh, South Uist

“A woman’s work is never done… at Christmas,” declares the headline of Chloë Hamilton’s article in the print edition (Journal, 20 December). This rings true! So why does Father Christmas continue to receive all the credit?

– Jan Pahl


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