A Pennsylvania couple receives $3,550 reimbursement after their money is consumed by their dog, causing a strong odor.

Recently, a goldendoodle named Cecil from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania surprised his owners and veterinarian by devouring $4,000 in cash. Cecil, who is usually well-behaved according to his owners Clayton and Carrie Law, couldn’t resist the temptation when the cash was left unattended on their kitchen counter. The couple was shocked when they discovered what Cecil had done and immediately sought medical advice. Fortunately, Cecil only needed to be monitored at home due to his size. The Laws then embarked on a challenging mission to retrieve the torn and partially digested cash. Despite the unconventional task of washing and piecing together the bills, the couple managed to salvage almost all of the money, losing only $450 in the process. News of Cecil’s misadventures spread rapidly after the Laws shared a video of the incident on Instagram, sparking humorous reactions from users. This incident is not isolated, as last year, a labrador in Florida also gained online fame for chewing up around $2,000 in cash.

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