A Japan Airlines aircraft engulfed in flames following an apparent crash at Tokyo airport.

Five members of the coastguard are missing and passengers of Japan Airlines were evacuated following an incident at Haneda airport.

An aircraft from Japan Airlines collided with a coastguard plane while landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. The plane skidded down the runway in flames before all 379 passengers and crew were safely evacuated.

The coastguard reported that five out of the six members on their plane, which was carrying supplies for Japan’s earthquake relief efforts, are still unaccounted for. The pilot was able to evacuate.

Livestream footage showed the landing jet about to touch down at night before a bright orange flash, with the plane continuing to roll on the runway with flames and smoke trailing behind it. A large fire was burning on the tarmac where the explosion occurred.

Separate video footage displayed firefighters tackling the blaze on the passenger jet, which was tilted over on its nose, with flames emerging from its windows. More than 70 fire engines were involved in extinguishing the flames.

The Airbus aircraft had taken off from Shin-Chitose airport in Hokkaido.

According to the office of the Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida, he has instructed relevant organizations to collaborate in swiftly assessing the damage and providing information to the public.

Haneda airport, one of the busiest in Japan, was closed after the crash, causing disruption for travelers during the new year holidays.

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